A Name Synonomous with Ice Cream

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I learned how to make my own ice cream and started selling it around the neighborhood. I learned that I couldn’t really do this without getting a license, so I applied for one and it was granted. I started a website to advertise my ice cream and I got in touch with a SEO company in Toronto to increase my customer base by getting higher search rankings. When people searched for ice cream, I wanted my name to be the first thing they saw, even if they were living in another country or had no idea who I was.

I used to just walk around with a cart that would hold the ice cream and keep it cool, but since I was getting more business because of the website, I switched to using a van. I bought the van used from someone else who used to sell ice cream. The van had its own ice cream jingle that could be activated with the press of a button. I loved riding down the street and watching all of the kids run to the truck when they heard that sound. The kids would have hands full of change that they would use to buy the ice cream.

My ice cream became popular with more than just the local people. People from close cities came to my truck to try the ice cream. Someone even wanted to record my ice cream van and put it on their social media account. He called me a famous ice cream salesman, and that really made me feel good. Maybe one day I’ll think about expanding my ice cream business to other parts of the country, or even around the world, but for now, I’m happy with the bit of fame that I have from being the best local salesman.

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