An Amazing Condo for Us

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When I first started looking at Yorkville condos, I did it on my own. It is no wonder I was not having any luck. I did find some nice ones, but they were always gone by the time I made a serious inquiry about them. I knew that I needed to get a professional on my side, which is why I asked my cousin who she used when she was also looking for a condo. She gave me the website of the company she used, and I had amazing luck as soon as I looked at it.

I was able to find several properties that interested me. The nice thing about using a company like this is that they take professional pictures, which really helped me figure out the ones that I liked the most. I needed at least three bedrooms, and I was hoping to find a nice condo that had three bathrooms as well. I found something even better though. The condo that I toured first has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. Each bedroom has its own private bath, and then there is a common bathroom on the first floor as well as the second floor.

Seeing the pictures on the site and the description of not only the condo but the entire area around it as well is what convinced me that I needed to look at it in person. I was able to schedule an appointment for the following day. This condo was just too perfect on paper, and I did not want to miss my chance of getting it. When I looked at it with my wife, we both knew even before we looked at the second and third floors that this was meant to be our home. I would have never found it without the website for the Condo Chicks, so I am very grateful to my cousin for sharing it with me!

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