I Just Got to Champlain

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We were lucky enough to find a place that is really close to the campus of the University of Illinois. In fact if the weather was nice enough you could walk to the campus from here. Of course Michelle is not going to walk, but she will probably take the bus there. It is easier for her because they have not given her a parking space in a good spot for her. We found a web page which helps you pick electric companies in Illinois and that was something that we did not know much about. I only learned about it from the real estate agent after she mentioned that we needed to do it before we could get the power turned on. Of course that is something that we wanted to do and it worked out pretty well for us. The guy pulled in as we were starting to get the moving van unloaded.

It is going to take awhile to get all of our stuff sorted out. Right now we have the garage stacked high with boxes. I managed to find some college boys who were happy to help me out. In fact they wanted beer in return for the work. I could not do that, but I would guess that they will have little problem finding some other college senior who will take the money I gave them and buy some beer for them. When I was underage that was never a problem for anyone who wanted to get alcohol and I am sure that it is not now. The only issue is when you want to drink in a bar and then things are probably a lot tougher than they used to be. Of course I did not really worry about that for them after I paid them.

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