I Want to Keep Our New Pet Healthy and Happy for a Long Time

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When my wife brought home a little Poodle, I was a bit disappointed at first. However, I’ve grown to love him a lot. Just recently, I switched him to Kirkland Signature Small Dog Food and I even bought him some toys to play with when we are away at work each day. It’s important to me that he remains in good health, and pet owners can do that by ensuring that they use only high quality foods and make sure they get lots of exercise thanks to toys, too. I have heard that little dogs live much longer than big dogs do, and I’d like to see this little guy live for many years.

We did not have a pet for a long time because our son is allergic to dogs. Each time that we tried to bring a dog around when he was a kid, it turned out to be a big deal for our son. He would sneeze incessantly and had watery eyes every day. When we finally figured out that he’s allergic to their fur, it was disappointing. However, we needed to make sure that our child felt well instead miserable each day. My wife and I told each other that we would wait and get a pet one day after our son became an adult and moved out.

Now that my son is gone, my wife and I began talking about getting a pet for the first time in many years. I wanted a big dog that would keep us safe, go on hunting trips with me and be big enough to hug. When she brought the little dog home, I was surprised and not very sure that I liked him at first. He may be too small to bite a burglar, but he barks loud enough to scare anyone off. He is also very happy to go hunting with me, and he’s just big enough to get hugs from me easily.

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